Our Technology

Sentinel uses Deep Learning Facial Recognition algorithms to keep your team safe. Our technology is hardware agnostic, integrating with any camera and security system on the market with options for both cloud and on-premises solutions. We are the world’s most advanced solution for Access Control, Retail security and loss prevention, and corporate security. Sentinel provides real-time analysis, detection, alerts, and escalation so that your security team can prevent crimes before they occur.



Hardware Agnostic

Our platform adapts so that you don’t have to.

  • Turn any camera into a smart surveillance system
  • Work with your existing IP CCTV installations
  • Integrate with your systems and workflows

Sentinel eliminates the need to purchase new equipment and establish new security protocols. This allows us to be up-and-running with your existing system faster than any other provider in the world.


Blacklist & Whitelist Management

Blacklist activity escalates alerts on sight, allowing your team to prevent incidents before they occur. Sentinel's intuitive interface allows your team to  coordinate with each other and easily manage access points with independent whitelists. All Whitelist activity is stored securely so that it can be reviewed at anytime.

You can easily add new individuals to your database via our mobile apps, web app, or through existing images or video content. 


The World's Most Accurate Facial Detection

Sentinel provides the world's most accurate and real-time solution for facial recognition software. Using minimal information (existing photo or video footage), our system can identify threats, recognize friendlies, and alert your team accordingly. With a 99.8% accuracy rate, we are the world's foremost expert on facial recognition technology.


Flexible Architecture

Sentinel provides a variety of options to meet your team's security and performance needs. Choose from our installation options that include: 

  • Cloud Architecture
  • On Premises Architecture
  • Hybrid Architecture

This allows Sentinel to be deployed on any site, accommodate every requirement, and support any bandwidth, space, energy or connectivity constraint. 


Automated Alerts Escalation

Realtime alerts are triggered as Blacklist individuals are detected. These alerts can be configured to be as simple as an email, or as complex as an API call to the service of your choosing. Automated re- alerting makes sure no event goes unnoticed.

Sentinel's mobile apps provide a way to notify on real time, via push notifications, to on-location personnel about new detections and provide any information relevant to managing the situation. 


Web & Mobile Apps for Remote Management

Our intuitive platform and interfaces allows you to easily manage cameras, users, and permissions. Our advanced search functionality makes it faster and more efficient to find a desired record. 

Mobile apps and web based technology make it incredibly easy to manage the platform remotely.