About Us

Two years ago, we started a journey to help prevent crime. The last decade has painfully demonstrated that neither a small town’s elementary school nor New York’s tallest skyscraper afford us the safety and security we crave. Sentinel's mission is to make the world a safer place.

Sentinel is an experienced technology company building software with requirements for stability, availability and reliable at the highest level worldwide.

Our systems are built on top of the latest Computer Vision Technologies, Deep Learning and AI. Being a technology company, we control 100% of our platform, allowing us to develop real solutions specific to each client.

Sentinel is funded by Index Ventures.


Officers & Investors


Francisco Larrain
Founder & Board Director

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Jonathan Gheller
Founder & Board Director

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Ilya Fushman
Index Ventures, Investor & Director

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Natalia Corominas
Chief Technology Officer

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