State-of-the-art solution for convenient and reliable face biometric access control. With added top realtime intruder detection for quick response .

Keep spaces safe from intruders with Deep Learning 

Existing card-based installations for access control have the following problems: 

  • No second factor verification, anyone can carry a card with someone else’s name
  • Lack of verification processes for validity of accesses.
  • Known unwelcome individuals can access with a known card.
  • Unknown individuals can access restricted areas with a known card. 

What do we do:

  • Detect in real time known unwelcome individuals at a specific area.
  • Escalate notifications to the correct individual or team.
  • Verify every card access corresponds to a facial recognition detection
  • Provide tools for after the fact forensic analysis and search of events or individuals 

Sentinel Facial Recognition & Analytics in the wild


Capturing and recognizing a face in a crowded and dynamic space can be challenging. Sentinel secures your sites with real-time threat detection through facial recognition that performs even in complex layouts like open and semi-open spaces. Our technology allows for high accuracy even on non collaborative setups, freeing your agents from tedious repetitive procedures and enabling fast and accurate response to threats. 


Real-time facial recognition runs over existing camera infrastructure, leveraging your current investments and integrating into them.


On device analytics reduce the bandwidth required to run continuous, real time analytics. On premises computation ensure footage never leaves your control and bandwidth does not become a possible point of failure


Forensic analysis of existing footage. Detect and relate events from past threats in a fraction of the time.


On demand history records allows to search for new faces in old footage. Automated face detection and extraction for review of existing footage.